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Harness the seasoned marketing leadership of a Fractional CMO without the full-time commitment and heavy compensation.

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The Fractional CMO Advantage

DTC brands need to scale quickly, but are often held back by limited resources. Optimix Consulting provides seasoned leadership to guide your marketing strategy, keep your agencies in check, and optimize your media mix – all without the commitment and heavy compensation package of a full-time executive.

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How Does a Fractional CMO work?

Getting great results in eCommerce, especially  when using strategies like influencer marketing, usually take time to fully manifest. Because of this, I typically recommend a 6-month engagement period to ensure we’re both committed to achieving transformative outcomes. Utilizing an agile marketing methodology, I typically work in 3-week sprints, each one tailored to your brand’s unique needs and resulting in hard deliverables.

Whether your brand has validated its business model and is poised for growth, or is still in its infancy, I provide the strategic leadership to effectively scale your marketing operations. With regular reporting and iterative optimizations, I ensure that both strategy and execution are perfectly aligned with your current business status and future objectives.

Your Brand, Your Legacy

You've built a DTC brand that's more than a business - it's an extension of your vision and a reflection of your ambition. But you stand at a precipice. Time is ticking, and there's not enough time in the day to make all the decisions necessary to take your brand to the next level.

Going From Status Quo to Status Symbol

Eventually, all DTC owners face a choice. Stay where you are, where sales are steady and growth is incremental, or take a transformative leap to elevate your brand into a household name.

Optimix: Your Catalyst for Growth

That's where Fractional CMO services are invaluable. Optimix Consulting specializes in turning emerging DTC brands into industry leaders. With my expertise, I optimize your marketing mix to maximize ROAS and boost your LTV/CAC ratio. This isn't just about money; it's about scaling your brand in record time.

Time: Your Most Precious Resource

Time is money, but it's also finite. DTC owners can't afford to make the wrong C-level hire or follow an agency's cookie-cutter strategy. My data-driven approaches have shown results in as little as three months, accelerating your growth without sacrificing efficiency.

The Cost of Inaction

The digital landscape is shifting every day. With AI now mainstream, eCommerce has changed more in the last 5 months than it has in the last 5 years combined. Competition is fierce, and consumers are discerning. The cost of inaction isn't just financial; it's the cost of becoming irrelevant.

The Next Chapter of Growth Starts Here

Time doesn't have to slip away. Money doesn't have to be left on the table through another BFCM. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your brand, schedule a free consultation and learn what I can do for your DTC brand.

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Aaron Ziemann, MBA, MS

Fractional CMO

About Me

With over 13 years of experience in the marketing arena, I’ve honed my skills in both agency and in-house environments, primarily focusing on e-commerce and DTC sectors. My expertise lies in devising comprehensive marketing strategies that boost the two things that matter most to CEOs – revenue and ROAS.

As a fractional CMO at Optimix Consulting, I specialize in scaling lean, agile marketing teams and helping emerging DTC brands reach their next stage of growth. My role serves as a crucial bridge until a company is ready for a permanent Head of Marketing. From media mix modeling to CRO and funnel optimization, I offer project-based consulting that accelerates revenue growth, streamlines internal processes, and enhances overall marketing efficiency.

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The "Optimix" closed-ear headphones, crafted from cobalt blue aluminum, are presented with precision and elegance. They are juxtaposed against a striking background that captures the essence of a dynamic explosion of fine dust particles, radiating outwards in mesmerizing shades of blue and teal. This dreamlike and intense backdrop accentuates the modern design of the headphones and amplifies the uniqueness of the "Optimix" brand.

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